Our vision

“To be the acknowledged global leader in innovative air traffic solutions and airport performance.”

This short video provides an insight to our vision of the future of air traffic management and our role in shaping it:

The market for air traffic management services is changing in response to the long-term growth in aviation. This is placing greater pressure on existing airport and airspace infrastructure just as environmental concerns are making expansion of that infrastructure more challenging.

The European Commission’s ‘Single European Sky’ project is seeking to improve ATM performance, increase integration, improve network performance and ensure that European developments are aligned with the NextGen programme in the USA. We are also seeing increasing liberalisation of the airport tower contract market internationally.

The opportunities

These developments will provide NATS with many exciting opportunities. Traditional service providers focused purely on a low-cost model will lose out to those, like us, who can differentiate themselves through added value services in increasingly complex operational environments.

Within the marketplace, we expect a growing trend towards outsourcing, which will enable us to demonstrate our ability to squeeze maximum use out of runways and airspace. At the same time, changes to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, European legislation and network technology will mean that airports, airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) will need more complete, timely and accurate information, which NATS is well placed to provide.

Many ANSPs and airports will implement major airspace improvements and systems developments over the next decade. This provides opportunities for NATS to help transition new equipment and facilities into operational service, given our experience in this area. Cutbacks in defence budgets are also encouraging innovative thinking in the future provision of military air traffic service provision. NATS has operated a joint and integrated service with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) for many years and this is a unique differentiator of our capability.

A clear and compelling strategy

In response to these trends we have developed a clear and compelling strategy. This retains and builds on the success of our existing business to realise the opportunities we believe these changes will present. We are clear on which products and which markets offer the best opportunities for manageable risk. We also recognise that these developments may bring increased competition to our domestic market – although we have been encouraged by our significant contract renewals in the past year.

Above all, we must continue to deliver a safe and efficient service to our en route and airport customers, which is essential not only to maintain our UK market position but also to demonstrate our capabilities to new customers.

Our growth is focused on creating successful partnerships.

Our growth is focused on creating successful partnerships.

In addition, our growth is focused on creating successful partnerships in overseas markets to mitigate risk and to support the increased supply of qualified staff to assist in contract delivery. Our win in Spain with our Spanish partner, Ferrovial, is a good example of this strategy.

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