Consultation on revised ATS route structure over the Irish Sea

(Isle of Man and Antrim Sectors)

This consultation closed on 30th August 2016.  Engagement is continuing with stakeholders, and analysis of consultation feedback is ongoing.  Please revisit this page for the feedback report in due course, expected Autumn 2016.

NATS is proposing changes to the ATS route structure over the Irish Sea. We propose to introduce a system of RNAV1 routes, for flights in the Isle of Man and Antrim Sectors of NATS’ Prestwick Area Control Centre.
By taking advantage of modern navigation performance the RNAV1 routes can be spaced more closely than the current route structure. This will allow enhanced systemisation and hence enable more efficient use of the airspace.

Proposed RNAV1 routes & Controlled Airspace

Proposed RNAV1 routes & Controlled Airspace

The map and document was updated 18th July following identical suggestions for improvement from two separate stakeholders.

If the proposal is approved by the CAA, implementation of the airspace change will occur at an appropriate opportunity but, in any event, not before 2nd March 2017.

Consultation Material

Revised ATS route structure over the Irish Sea – Consultation Document

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