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Using NATS for your aeromedical services provides a cost-effective solution whether you need an initial aeromedical examination or to renew your aeromedical certificate.

NATS has Aeromedical Centre status which means we are now able to perform commercial pilot and ATCO medicals.

NATS has Aeromedical Centre status which means we are  able to perform aviation medicals.

NATS is certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out initial EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Class 1 medicals as well as to provide medical examinations for renewing air traffic controllers, airside drivers, commercial and private pilots, climbers/riggers, cabin crews and others working in safety critical roles in the aviation industry.

By providing active case management and occupational health provision, we can ensure that medical issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently in an organisation.

You will also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that safety critical aviation personnel are operating within the strict rules relating to personal health and medication. This in turn will enable you to comply with UK and European Laws such as the Equality Act, European Working Time Directive, Air Navigation Order (ANO) and EASA regulations.

The benefit of our experience

We currently offer full aeromedical and occupational health services to 4,500 NATS employees including 2,000 air traffic controllers at 17 NATS centres and airports around the UK and also in Gibraltar. In addition, we provide our expert services to other aviation companies, including non-NATS airports, commercial airlines and also to individual pilots.

Our wealth of experience in this area makes us a trusted and valuable supplier, with extensive knowledge of the working environment, legislative framework and business needs.

Our centre provides a cost-effective solution for your EASA class 1 initial and renewal medicals.

Our centre provides a cost-effective solution for your EASA class 1 initial and renewal medicals.

Meeting all your OHS needs

We provide a full range of aeromedical services, to organisations and individuals, including:

UK CAA Approved Aeromedical Examiners are available for initial and renewal aviation medicals including EASA Class 1, 2, LAPL, European Class 3 & Cabin Crew at:

For more information please contact:

Please note we are not currently carrying out Class 1 medicals. For alternative Aeromedical Centres, you are referred to the CAA website.

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