EASA Medical Examinations in the UK

EASA certificates for operational roles

You need to hold an EASA certificate if you work in most operational roles in UK aviation. There are different classes of EASA medical certificates. Broadly speaking these are:

NATS has CAA Approved Medical Examiners certified to perform EASA medicals.

We have CAA Approved Medical Examiners certified to perform EASA medicals.

JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) medicals are transitioning to EASA Class medicals, under the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Where can I get an EASA Medical?

Initial EASA Class 2 and LAPL medicals can be provided at Prestwick and Heathrow House as well as Swanwick

EASA medicals are necessary for operational and safety critical roles in the European aviation industry, to help keep you and the public safe. Furthermore, you will need to take an EASA medical prior to training as a pilot.

NATS aeromedical centre does not currently provide EASA Class 1 initial or renewal medical examinations. This provision is under review.

These are carried out at our Aeromedical Centres at Swanwick in Hampshire and in Prestwick in Scotland. Renewals are available at other NATS sites, including Heathrow House, (BAA pass holders may be able to have their EASA medicals at Heathrow Control Tower).

Initial EASA Class 2 and LAPL medicals can be provided at Prestwick and Heathrow House as well as Swanwick.

Our opening hours are 09.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday, although we are happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide maximum flexibility to accommodate your needs. If you require a large number of professional pilot medicals we will tailor arrangements to give you a cost-effective and efficient service.

How do you get a European Class Aviation Medical Certificate?

UK CAA Approved Medical Examiners are certified to perform your EASA medical. Whether you need an EASA Class 1 medical, a Class 2 aviation medical or a European Class 3 you will need to compete a form about your medical history before undergoing a general physical examination, which will also involve an eye sight test.

An EASA medical takes around an hour.

An EASA medical takes approximately  an hour.

You will be required to bring specific identification documents with you, which we will advise you about prior to your medical exam.

If you wear glasses (or contact lenses) you will need to bring your eye prescription with you. Also if you have any known medical problems, please contact us as early as possible to make sure you bring the correct documentation with you; we will then advise you if you require any further medical tests.

Your initial EASA medical will take approximately 1 hour and then you will need an eye examination, which we will organise in conjunction with your EASA medical examination, saving you time and ensuring you are seen by a specialist who is familiar with the CAA requirements.

In most cases you will receive your EASA certification on the same day, providing no further tests are required. Additional medical tests or a review by the UK CAA may be required in some instances. If this applies to you, we will explain the requirements to you and help you with the process.

You can find out more about what is assessed and why on our Medical Examination infographic.

For individual advice, or to arrange your EASA medical examination please contact the NATS team by phone on +44 (0) 1489612810 or by email to medical.reception@nats.co.uk.

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