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The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence, the LAPL(A) for aircraft and LAPL(H) for helicopters, is replacing the NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence). The licences remain very similar, with a medical still an essential component.

The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) is replacing the NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence).

The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) is replacing the NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence).

LAPL medicals are valid for five years for pilots under the age of 40, and for two years for pilots aged over the age of 40.

What is involved in my LAPL Medical?

For LAPL medicals, you will need to complete a form relating to your medical history as well as undergoing a physical examination.

We will provide you with all the information you need about identification documents and the specific forms you need to complete, so your LAPL medical appointment runs smoothly.

Provided that you have met all requirements, we can issue your certificate on the same day. Extra tests will only be required for more complex cases. If these should be needed, the Aero Medical team at NATS will liaise with the Regulatory Authority on your behalf.

Should you be aware of any medical issues it is wise to inform us prior to your physical examination. We can then advise you about any information which may be required, preventing delays.

Initial LAPL Medicals and Revalidation for LAPL Licence Holders

Initial medicals usually take an hour. If you wear spectacles or contact lenses for distance or reading vision, please bring a recent prescription from your optician.

We also offer renewal medicals for LAPL licence holders. These can be done at three sites besides the Swanwick Centre. These are: Prestwick Centre in Scotland; Heathrow House and Heathrow Airport (for BAA pass holders).

We are also happy to accommodate EU and international pilots for EASA Class 1 and European Class 3 medicals.

Being a pilot is a safety-critical job. We see your aviation medical as an opportunity to discuss your individual queries about human factors and performance. This means giving you advice on how to best manage your lifestyle, rest and any health concerns; so helping you stay fit to fly.

You can find out more about what is assessed and why on our Medical Examination infographic.

NATS Aeromedical services offer these services to companies and also to individuals. For more information please contact medical reception on 01489 612810 or E-mail

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