NATS OpenAir: Consultation

NATS OpenAir: Consultation

Your opinion matters

NATS OpenAir is our proposed new airspace management service to enable safe and seamless airspace integration in a changing aviation landscape.

Our proposals for NATS OpenAir have been shaped by working with industry and other stakeholders to deliver flight trials and create new concepts of operation. Building on our work so far, we now need to hear from you to ensure we fully understand your requirements and what you might need from an integrated airspace traffic management system of the future.

To that end we are seeking your feedback on the proposed new NATS OpenAir service offering and associated charging structure as outlined in the consultation document (linked below).

Please submit your written responses to the questions below by 28 March 2024; thereafter we will be holding a series of workshops to hear more about your views in detail and to answer any questions that may arise. Please give us as much detail as possible on the questions which are of most relevance to you below.

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