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NATS has a diverse range of requirements. The primary categories of products, goods and services sourced by NATS are detailed below.

Understanding our needs.

Understanding our needs.

  • IT, Voice & Data Networks: NATS has a great many infrastructure, hardware, software, software support, infrastructure & applications management and managed service requirements. We use an extensive range of communications products and services, including mobile solutions and also procure printers, copiers and consumables.
  • People Support Services, Finance & Regulation: From office supplies, print services, travel management, vehicle hire and conference facilities, to temporary staff and permanent recruitment services, learning & development and training solutions, NATS has a range of requirements for people support services across the UK to support our business activities. We make use of fleet lease, purchase and fleet management services.
  • Within Finance & Regulation NATS procures licences and subscriptions as well as services for administering payments, cards and payroll, insurance, audits and financial advice.
  • Property & FM: Covering estates, property & project management services, property maintenance, buildings & hardware, furniture & flooring, catering, postal and courier services, NATS has regular requirements for property solutions across our operations.
  • Professional Services: Our professional services requirements include external expert skills, knowledge and advice to address specific issues, management consultancy, legal services and specialist consultancy across a range of competencies.
  • ATM Centres & Towers: Includes the complex en-route and airport specific control systems. Such systems require design and configuration for the UK airspace and Airport requirements. Additionally NATS procures such systems for a variety of customers globally applying its attention to detail and quality to each unique application.
  • ATM Navigation & Infrastructure: From the installation and commissioning of radars to communications and navigation infrastructure, the provision of services to our customers requires the procurement of a wide range of specialist Air Traffic control equipment, spares, maintenance, consultancy and other support services.

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