Issues and ideas

The table below presents issues or ideas we’ve received from users.  Please report any issues or share any ideas you have via our feedback form.

# Issue / idea Details Status
1 Idea Tap a reporting point for information.  Get information on precise location (lat/long), height and time by tapping a reporting point in an aircraft’s journey path. Planned for future development.
2 Idea Provide aviation news. Draw from NATS, FlightAware and other aviation news sources to provide industry news of interest to users. Planned for future development.
3 Idea Provide flight status notifications. Allows users to set notifications for flight events such as take off, landing and location. Planned for future development.
4 Idea Colour code Airport arrivals and departures. Arrivals could be green, departures could be blue – to correspond with the tracks. Planned for future development.
5 Idea Pilot & Wing-man mode. In 3D mode provide options to show view from pilot’s seat and to one side of either wing. Under consideration.
6 Idea Provide aeronautical charts. As additional overlays. Under consideration.
7 Idea Show global airspace structures not just those for UK. Under consideration.
8 Idea Aircraft log. Provide a facility for people to store aircraft they have viewed or travelled on. Under consideration.
9 Idea User photos. Allow users to submit their photos of aircraft for inclusion in the app. Under consideration.
10 Issue Improve matching. Improve matching between flight details and aircraft types. Ongoing development.
11 Idea Enable 3D aircraft. Provide 3D aircraft models instead of darts in 3D mode. Ongoing development.
12 Issue Improve 3D mode at lower levels. When panning low to the ground in 3D mode, the screen sometimes locks. Ongoing development.
13 Issue Introduce a back button. Users sometimes accidentally knock out their settings and so would like a way to go back to the previous set up. Look at introducing a back button, or equivalent functionality. Under consideration.

If you have feedback, please share it with us on Social Media or directly through our Contact Form.


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