Welcome to Christmas Drone Run

Welcome to Christmas Drone Run, a fun, festive and interactive game where you have to fly your drone whilst avoiding increasingly busy skies.

Learn how to safely navigate your way around various different obstacles – get too close and it’s game over!

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How to play

  1. Click and hold the left hand button on your mouse to move your drone up, let go to drop the drone down.
  2. Tap and hold on-screen to move your drone up, let go to drop the drone down.
  3. Watch out for any obstacles in your way such as houses, trees, aircraft and Santa. If you collide with the bubble which indicates their safe zone it’ll be game over!
  4. Land your drone safely when approaching an airport, built-up areas, at night or when approaching Santa’s Grotto at the end of the level to progress on to the next.
  5. Check out your score on the leaderboard and try to beat your score and your friends!

  • Hint: Don’t forget – you can always land your drone and wait for other aircraft to pass before resuming your flight.
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Danger Danger! Land drone now or I will cry.