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You can apply to join our Training programme online. BUT, before you do, please check you are eligible, and read through the information below, so you understand the different stages to the process.

The application button is at the bottom of this page.


Before you apply, check your eligibility and ensure you understand the stages involved in the process.

Registration and online form

When you click apply, you’ll be asked to register and then complete an online application form. This may take up to an hour, so make sure you’re able to work undisturbed.

Our recruitment administration team will communicate with you by email, so please make sure you check your inbox and any junk or spam folders.

If you meet our minimum requirements, we’ll invite you to take an online test. Make sure that you’re in an undisturbed environment and can complete the assessment in full.

Stage 0 – Online test

The first stage involves error checking, along with verbal and numerical reasoning.

Stage 1 – Online test

If you’re successful at the earlier stage, you’ll be tested on your spatial and diagrammatical reasoning.

Stage 2 – Assessment Centre

If you’re successful in both our online tests, you’ll be invited to an Assessment Centre at our headquarters in Fareham, Hampshire. Before you arrive you will be sent an information pack to study.  On arrival you will take an ATC knowledge test based on the information you have learnt. If you successfully pass this, then we’ll ask you to undertake a computer-based assessment from Eurocontrol called FEAST. This tests various skills you’ll need as an Air Traffic Controller.  You will also take a personality assessment as part of FEAST.

If you’re successful in FEAST, you’ll be invited back in the afternoon for another computer-based test called DART.

Stage 3 – Assessment Centre

If you’ve passed the tests above, you’ll be invited back to take part in three further assessments. They are:

  1. a technical and competency based interview
  2. A personality profiling interview
  3. a further Eurocontrol computer test called ‘multi-pass’.

This is a very important stage and it’s essential that you’re able to provide evidence of your achievements, whether in a formal work capacity or in other areas of life. Trained assessors, such as Air Traffic Controllers, HR representatives and members of the Human Factors group will score your responses.

Accessibility and reasonable adjustments

As an employer we are passionate about diversity and inclusion, and will strive to accommodate any adjustments you may require, please do let us know if we can help.

Medical/Security Clearance

If you’re successful in all the previous stages, you’ll be given a conditional offer of employment, which depends on your obtaining a Class 3 Medical Certificate and security clearance.

You’ll be asked to complete some basic medical information and if this is acceptable, you’ll be invited to book for a medical at our Swanwick Centre.

Once you’ve passed the medical, you’ll be placed in a pool of applicants waiting to be allocated to a course and we’ll start the process of security vetting and reference checking.

Shape tracking, sequential memory, reactivity- do you have the skills?

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