AFPEx provides a feature rich client with access to the AFTN network

The Assisted Flight Plan Exchange provides a low cost business solution to commercial aircraft operators, pilots and airfields to connect to the AFTN network from a PC

Historically, many UK airfields had a dedicated aerodrome airfield reporting office; most airfields have now passed on this responsibility to the pilots or aircraft operators, NATS created AFPEx to offer aviation users pilots a mechanism to file a flight plan and as a low cost business solution to enable commercial operators to connect to the AFTN network

AFPEx supplies users with assisted addressing ICAO standard Flight Planning and associated messages



Input, processing, distribution and presentation of flight plan data

Compliant with ICAO standards

Ideally suited for ATS reporting offices (ARO) and aircraft operators (AO)

UK Preferential Route storage

Easy origination of DLA, CHG, CNL, and DEP from the original FPL

Standard formats for FPL, NOTAM and MET

Storage and reloading of messages as templates

Powerful message retrieval function


Direct connection to the AFTN network with personal mailbox

A 24/7 helpdesk staffed by NATS messaging experts

Assisted FPL addressing

Preferential UK route database for IFR users

Ideal for commercial airfield Operations or as a backup service to a main AFTN connection

FPL verification service for IFPS zone flights

AFPEx also provides an online application for registered UK GA pilots to file air movements over the AFTN

Why AFPEx?

    Unrivalled access to the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network allowing access to real-time operational messaging services such as METAR, TAF and NOTAM information

    As the UK Air Navigation Service Provider, NATS provides unmatched Industry Knowledge, System Availability, Data Integrity and Safety Expertise

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