Non-Standard Flight applications

Unusual Aerial Activities are events such as air exercises, trials, aerial surveys, Unmanned Aircraft flights, flying displays, formation flights, balloon or kite flights that that could adversely affect the normal operation of other airspace users and may constitute a hazard to pilots who are not aware of the activity.

Unusual Aerial Activities wholly contained within controlled airspace are processed as a Non-Standard Flight (NSF) approval and are subject to prior approval either by the CAA or specific Air Traffic Services provider (UK AIP ENR 1.1.4).

Applications for NSFs should be made with a minimum of 14 days notice. Applications submitted less than 7 days in advance of the flight may not be processed.

To submit an NSF application please go to

Guidance for operators of small unmanned aircraft (SUA) who wish to operate in controlled airspace and around specific aerodromes

The Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2019, effective 13th March 2019 contains specific rules for SUA (weighing 20kg or less).

For further information please see

If your SUA flight is for commercial operation, then you need to contact the CAA for an appropriate Permission. Please visit here for more details.

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