As more people choose to fly, we see it as our responsibility to help drive, deliver and maintain a sustainable future for aviation.

Increasing efficiency, training and accountability

Reducing aviation’s environmental impact and saving fuel is important to our customers and to ourselves. As part of our environmental strategy, we are implementing smarter and more responsive ways to do this.

We recognise the important role our controllers play in flight efficiency. They now have an extensive training and awareness programme to ensure they consider the environment in all they do. This enables us to continue to achieve savings in fuel and emissions.

Close partnerships

We have increased our efforts to improve the efficiency of our airspace and route network. In particular, we are working with airlines and airports to identify operations best practice and have already put this into use in airspace design and daily ATC operations.

Tracking our progress

Having developed techniques to monitor NATS’ environmental performance daily, monthly and annually, we can now track progress towards our CO2 target in fine detail. Our Operational Centres and Airport Units have Environment Action Plans and annual environmental targets, to improve fuel and emissions savings.

We are also the first air traffic service provider in the world to have developed environmental measurement as part of our regulatory performance targets.


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