Saving energy

Whilst we are focused on carbon efficiency our comprehensive approach also takes in other environmental impacts.

Limiting the environmental impact of our business and our industry

NATS is a major player in a global industry, and our activities are based in local communities.

We appreciate that our business has an impact on our neighbours and communities as well as on the wider environment. We recognise how important it is for the concept of responsibility to be part of our business, whilst encouraging all our employees to share that responsibility.

We are meeting our targets by Acting Responsibly, one of seven business values we adhere to and want people to automatically associate with us.

Acting Responsibly shows we intend to develop our business sustainably, in a world which is becoming ever more aware of aviation’s contribution to global warming.

With that in mind we are working continuously to find new ways of reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions and minimising our own use of the world’s resources.





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