Airspace app wins NATS approval

31 July 2013

UK air traffic control company, NATS, has given its seal of approval to a new app designed to help pilots avoid infringing into controlled airspace.

The UK AirspaceAVOID app from PocketFMS has been awarded the NATS Airspace Awareness Compliance Mark. The mark means that the app meets NATS’ criteria for airspace awareness and infringement prevention.

PocketFMS has developed UK AirspaceAVOID for iOS and Android devices specifically to help pilots flying in the UK to avoid an infringement. Pilots using the app can see their position relative to the airspace around them and get a warning as they approach controlled airspace.

UK AirspaceAVOID also automatically provides the appropriate call sign and frequency to contact the nearest air traffic control service.

airspace avoid 2

The app is free to download and use via and the airspace data is updated every 28 days. The latest NOTAMs are also provided by a live link to EuroControl to ensure that pilots always have the latest information available.

Bob Ivison of PocketFMS said: “We are delighted that UK AirspaceAVOID is the first totally free in-flight moving map system to attain the NATS compliance mark. We believe this will go a long way to helping to reduce the number of airspace infringements and helping to keep the sky safer for all.”

In order for a product to receive NATS’ Airspace Awareness Compliance Mark it has to meet certain criteria:

  • Be low cost (less than £200)
  • Include a suitable VFR database
  • Show 3D airspace warnings
  • Be portable
  • Provide free updates of airspace in accordance with AIRAC updates

Jonathan Smith, NATS General Aviation Lead, said: “We know from our infringements prevention work that GPS moving map functionality such as UK AirspaceAVOID really helps support the safe and successful execution of VFR flights. We’re delighted to award the team at PocketFMS the NATS Compliance Mark”

The UK AirspaceAVOID app follows the Airbox AWARE iPad and iPhone app as a recipient of the Compliance Mark.


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