Aviation Minister visits NATS Swanwick

05 July 2012
Richard Deakin and Theresa Villiers

Richard Deakin with Theresa Villiers

Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers was at Swanwick this week to see how air traffic controllers at NATS and the MoD have been preparing for the Olympic Games.

On top of the 6,000 flights it handles every day, during the course of the Games NATS expects to handle 3,000 extra business flights; 150 flights carrying heads of state; and 1,500 additional helicopter flights. All this traffic will need to be safely guided through airspace that will be subject to temporary restrictions and security precautions.

Aviation Minister, Theresa Villiers said: “The Olympics is one of the biggest events this country will ever host and with the eyes of the world firmly fixed upon the UK it’s vital we get it right.

“The amount of planning and professionalism that I’ve seen at NATS is very impressive. I know a huge amount of work has been done on preparing for the Games. I am confident that this will help us meet the challenges we will face in the weeks ahead as we welcome thousands of visitors to what I am sure will be a great sporting spectacle.”

Richard Deakin, NATS Chief Executive Officer, said: “The Olympics is going to be a huge challenge for NATS, but we’re really aiming for ‘business as usual’ in terms of the service our customers will receive.

“I think we are now all keen to deliver the service we have rehearsed for.”


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