Collaborative award win for NATS’ Supply Chain

11 December 2015

NATS has won the ‘Industry to Industry Collaboration’ award by the Institute of Collaborative Working (ICW).

The UK’s leading air navigation services provider scooped the award for its Supply Chain and procurement partnership work with Lockheed Martin and Indra in the air traffic management industry.

It was presented by Lord Evans of Watford, a board member of the ICW, at a reception hosted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) at the House of Lords.

Tim Bullock, Director, Supply Chain, NATS, said: “This award acknowledges the successful collaborative approach we are taking by engaging with our industry partners to create the delivery platform for the next generation of air traffic management. It recognises how we are working with our strategic partners, Lockheed Martin and Indra, to harness to best effect our respective capabilities and expertise to meet the challenges of the future of ATM in Europe.”

The ICW is a joint initiative between the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Confederation of British Industry to promote the development of effective business relationships through collaboration.

The award ceremony was attended by leading organisations across many business sectors including transportation, technology, construction, defence and telecoms, as well as government, charities and academia.

Stuart Crawford, ATM Programmes Director, Lockheed Martin, said: “For more than a quarter of a century Lockheed Martin and NATS have worked in partnership to deliver safe, efficient skies for the travelling public. The core values that have underpinned our relationship since the beginning – collaboration, innovation and transparency – have never been more in evidence.”

Ramon Tarrech, Director, West Europe, Indra, said: “We are extremely satisfied by the award received by NATS. Collaborative working on an extended enterprise basis is a powerful tool for delivering value to customers and performance in advanced technology projects. iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) System jointly deployed by NATS, LM and Indra is a good example. The award encourages Indra to seek for innovation in cooperative arrangements in UK and European infrastructure projects.”


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