Commitment to sustainable aviation remains strong, despite economic challenges to the industry

24 March 2011

The third progress report from Sustainable Aviation (SA) is launched today by its Chair Jill Brady.

The 2011 Progress Report sets out SA’s achievements over the past two years in working collaboratively towards its goals on the environment, climate change, noise, air quality and waste.

Jill Brady

Jill Brady

It also outlines the new work programme already under way in SA, a unique coalition of UK airports, airlines, engine and airframe manufacturers and air traffic management, set up six years ago by the industry to address its long-term sustainability.

In a speech to the UK Aviation Club, Jill Brady said: “Despite the most challenging couple of years in the industry that I can remember, members’ commitment to Sustainable Aviation has not wavered.  Real progress has been made in many areas, not least in the management of aircraft waste and local air quality, identifying and proving new sustainable fuels, initiatives in air traffic management and airport procedures, and in offering a realistic assessment of the inter-dependencies between noise, CO2 and local air quality.”

She highlighted an initiative last year testing a “Perfect Flight” between Heathrow and Edinburgh.  Every stage of the journey was calibrated to achieve optimal performance. The flight used around 350kg less fuel and one tonne of CO2 (about 11%) on the norm for the route.

“This shows that collaboration between Sustainable Aviation signatories can deliver tangible positive results and demonstrates the potential for future environmental improvements,” said Jill.

“With the Government set to develop a new policy framework for aviation, Sustainable Aviation will continue to play a crucial role in proving the industry’s commitment to addressing its environmental impacts.  It will also be an opportunity for us to demonstrate how our sector can grow sustainably while maintaining its position as a critical part of the UK and global economy.”

The Progress Report has been endorsed by Sustainable Aviation’s Stakeholder Panel, a group of recognised independent sustainability experts.

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