Fantasy league boosts basic bank collection

30 January 2013

A fantasy charity collection league run by staff at air traffic control company NATS has boosted supplies in the larder of a Fareham charity for the homeless and needy.

The initiative was run by NATS at its corporate headquarters in Whiteley and its air traffic control centre at Swanwick and ended with 89 trolley-loads of basic supplies for the Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank, as well as a large cash sum to be spent when further supplies are required.

Employees were asked to donate non-perishable items such as foods, toiletries and nappies to the bank which is a registered charity that provides practical help to the homeless and people in need.

The idea was the brainchild of Operational Air Traffic Controller Jodie McMenamin and was co-ordinated by the Facilities Management teams  at each of the sites.

At Whiteley, with the assistance of Georgia Redmayne in Facilities they set themselves a challenge to fill boxes, bags and shopping trolleys supplied by Sainsbury’s with donations over a four-week period. A competition was devised between the five buildings at the NATS headquarters to see which one could collect the most.

“We created our own version of the hugely popular fantasy football league,” said Georgia. “A ‘fantasy basket league’ table was updated and circulated on a weekly basis, including any special mentions for donations received.”

“The cash also raised enabled the team to fill a further 28 trolleys during a one-off shop at Sainsbury’s, which they kindly discounted.”

Natalie Keyte, part of the facilities team at Swanwick said staff there collected 50 bags and three boxes worth of food and toiletries for the food banks as well as donating a £950 cheque to the charity, to buy extra supplies.

NATS Head of Facilities Management, Sean Allen said: “I’m delighted that our staff got behind this initiative so positively.  A combined donation of cash and 89 trolleys of non-perishable goods to the Fareham and Gosport Food Bank, is a fantastic achievement.”


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