NATS collaboration wins Enterprise Architecture award

20 October 2015

A multi-organisational team led by NATS has won the Leadership in Enterprise Transformation using Enterprise Architecture award from the biggest names in Enterprise Architecture – Zachman International, the Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (FEAC™), and 1105 Media.

The award was presented at the 13th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards in Washington DC on 8th October and the winning team comprised NATS, Eurocontrol, DFS, Indra and ENAV. The SESAR Joint Undertaking provided support and sponsorship, while MEGA International provided the necessary tools and enterprise architecture solutions.

The team were awarded the accolade for their creation of the European ATM Architecture (EATMA), which provides a structure and method for the integration of the material developed by SESAR projects.

The EATMA is of particular importance to the future of European ATM as it makes it possible to organise and structure the output of the European Commission’s €2.1 Billion Research and Development programme, SESAR, and to identify gaps, overlaps and inconsistencies in its content. It describes what all the organisations involved in European ATM have to do differently, and what they have to do it with, to improve the overall system.

After five years of coordinated effort to get the EATMA accepted and understood by the key stakeholders within the European SESAR programme, it is now a core part of the management of the content of the current SESAR1 programme.  It will also be central to the work done during the next stage of the SESAR programme.

Simon Hocquard, NATS Director Operations, Strategy said: “This award rightly recognises the years of work that has gone into influencing the progress and success of SESAR and how it should be structured and managed. The scope of the project cannot be underestimated, especially when you consider that SESAR involves 15 partners working on 300 projects within the Single European Sky initiative to improve ATM. NATS and all of the organisations involved in defining a framework for how all of that comes together are delighted to be recognised for what was a massive undertaking.”

Florian Guillermet, Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking said: “We are delighted that the EATMA project has received such recognition. Thanks to the collaboration of these SESAR members, we have a solid structure in place that is progressively delivering a higher performing ATM system in Europe.”

The Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards recognise the impacts of Enterprise Architecture best practices on achieving efficiencies, greater effectiveness, transparency, increased collaboration or innovation in solutions to government mission outcomes.

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