NATS signs agreement with Aireon LLC

28 February 2014

SatelliteAccelerating the long term vision for the Oceanic operation to deliver reduced separation between aircraft allowing optimum levels and routing is part of the ICAO NAT 2025 strategy. Satellite ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) data is expected to be available from Aireon via the Iridium next Low Earth Orbit constellation beginning in 2018.

NATS has signed a Data Services Agreement (DSA) with Aireon LLC for provision of the ADS-B surveillance data to support acceleration of the new concept of operations for the North Atlantic.

This agreement defines the rights of NATS to enter into a long term service contract for ADS-B in NATS Oceanic airspace supporting the future strategy for the North Atlantic but does not commit NATS to procuring the service.

NATS is working through ICAO and with the NAT states to define the roadmap for accelerating the NAT 2025 vision.

Further consultation on the plans and concept of operation for the NAT will take place with Airline Customers later in 2014 and will help define the business case for investment.


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