NATS awarded Singapore contract

NATS, the UK’s leading air traffic management company, has been awarded a contract to work with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). In anticipation of future traffic growth and challenges, CAAS aims to advance its air navigation services capabilities to the next higher level in partnership with a credible air navigation services provider.

NATS was successful in a competitive bid process that involved four other international groups, being awarded four out of five work packages available. The air navigation services provider will build on previous work already carried out over the past four years in conjunction with the CAAS, in order to deliver expertise and best practice procedures and processes. The four areas of work include:

Air Traffic Management Operations – practical assistance to equip controllers with the necessary skills for high intensity operations on two runways, as well as preparing for air traffic control on three runways.
Air Traffic Control Training – helping to enhance training practices as well as up-skilling controllers.
Safety Management – use of NATS safety expertise for risk management and safety assurance enhancements.
Analytics/Research – sharing data analysis tools and techniques through in country support to enable CAAS to benchmark performance and measure the effectiveness of their operation.

NATS will be supported by Airbus Prosky, drawing on the air traffic management company’s renowned experience in these areas.

Recognising the importance of Singapore and its position in the Asia Pacific region as a leading economy of growth and excellence, NATS will strengthen its presence as a direct result of this contract win, expanding the office established in Singapore in 2014.

The contract work commenced in March and will run through to 2017, with a total duration of 27 months.

Catherine Mason, Managing Director, Services, NATS, said: “Singapore is a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia. We are therefore honoured to get the chance to work with the CAAS on air traffic management there and look forward to working together to help with airport expansion plans and third runway activity. Air travel in Southeast Asia is continuing to grow and Singapore is perfectly placed to drive and support these favourable economic conditions.”


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