Feb/Mar 2015


February/March 15


Dear Customer,

The last couple of months have seen a number of projects successfully implemented across NATS. Time Based Separation has entered its initial phase of live operations at Heathrow; we have now deployed Direct Route Airspace over a large part of Scotland, and the Borealis Alliance has launched a major Free Route Airspace Programme. NATS has also seen success at the annual IHS Jane’s ATC Awards this year picking up the Enabling Technology and Service Provision awards. On a strategic front we have entered partnerships to support NATS’ deployment of the next generation of air traffic control technologies as well as to develop and bring to market innovative customer solutions.

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Big win for NATS and partners at annual ATM awards

NATS and our project partners were big winners at the annual IHS Jane’s ATC Awards this year, picking up the Enabling Technology and Service Provision awards. More…

Airlines to choose routes in Scottish airspace change

The implementation of Direct Route Airspace allows airlines to plan more efficient direct routes, as opposed to being limited to the traditional ‘motorways in the sky’ airspace structure. More…

Major free route airspace programme launched

The Borealis Alliance of nine European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), including NATS, has launched a programme to deliver seamless and integrated free route airspace across the whole of Northern Europe by 2020. More…

Time Based Separation goes live at Heathrow

The initial phase of live operations of the Time Based Separation (TBS) tool began on 24th March. TBS is a new system to separate arriving aircraft at Heathrow by time instead of distance. It will radically cut delays and reduce cancellations caused by strong headwinds on final approach. More…

Remote controller training goes live at Bristol

NATS has successfully delivered a fully managed simulation service for Bristol Airport. The Ace 3D Aerodrome and Approach simulator has been developed by NATS and is operated by our team of simulation experts based at our head office. It provides Bristol Airport with a leading edge facility for training and familiarisation, as well as helping the ATC team to practise new procedures, techniques and emergency scenarios. More…

NATS designs new navigation procedures for Sweden

NATS has successfully delivered Sweden’s first commercial Performance Based Navigation Approach Procedures, with Barometric Vertical Navigation under contract with the state owned Swedavia, which operates ten airports across the country. The procedures are for Swedavia’s three largest airports and will make use of the latest GPS navigation technology on board modern aircraft. More…

A6 wins funding for communications projects underpinning the Single European Sky

The A6 Alliance of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), which includes NATS, has been awarded funding by the European Union for two projects underpinning the future success of the Single European Sky. The funding will support work to define the best model for provision of the two main communication infrastructures required to modernise and improve Europe’s air traffic management system. More…

European ATM collaboration iTEC formally extended

Executive members of the iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) project signed a formal agreement extending the technical and commercial confines of the collaboration and committing to the conditions for developing the common iTEC Controller Working Position (CWP). More…

UK air traffic partners expand relationship

NATS and Lockheed Martin, the leading airport and air traffic management (ATM) technology provider, have entered a strategic partnership that strengthens the existing supplier relationship and underlines their commitment to further enable improved efficiency, safety and passenger experience across airports and air traffic systems worldwide. More…

NATS and Indra agree strategic partnership

NATS has entered into a strategic partnership with global information technology company, Indra. The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen the existing relationship in strategic supply, particularly in relation to developments linked to SESAR, such as iTEC. The partnership will also enable the development of joint propositions for new customer solutions. More…

I hope you continue to find this useful and I would very much like to hear from you if you would like to discuss these or any other developments. I’ll send you a similar update in a couple of months’ time.

Very Best Wishes,


Richard Deakin
Chief Executive Officer

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