Jan/Feb 2016


January/February 2016

Dear Customer,

2016 is shaping up as another very challenging and exciting year for both NATS and the wider aviation industry. You can find out more about this on the NATS blog.

We’ve already seen some significant changes to UK operations in the first couple of months of the year, a summary of these is provided below.

LAMP Phase 1a airspace change now live

The first phase of the London Airspace Management Programme (LAMP) went live on 4 February 2016, following approval by the CAA in November 2015. The changes pave the way for wider modernisation of airspace to deliver more efficient flights, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing noise, keeping aircraft higher for longer and minimising areas regularly overflown. We would like to thank those customers who have been involved in developing the new procedures. As with any airspace change, careful deployment has been required. During and immediately following the transition it was necessary to restrict capacity through particular areas of airspace to support controllers and flight crews whilst the new airspace and procedures bedded in. These restrictions have now been relaxed and we thank customers for their understanding throughout the transition period. More…

Next generation air traffic technology goes live at NATS Prestwick

A new technology platform that will transform air traffic management in the UK has successfully entered service at NATS’ Prestwick Control Centre. The system – called iTEC has been developed by Indra and is the next generation of air traffic management technology. It includes a range of tools to help reduce air traffic controller workload, increase airspace capacity and improve safety by automatically detecting potential aircraft conflicts ahead of time. It also helps reduce aircraft fuel burn and emissions by enabling the future introduction of ‘Free Route Airspace’ above 28,000 feet, allowing aircraft greater flexibility to fly optimum routes and to take advantage of prevailing weather conditions. More…

UK/Ireland FAB video

The UK-Ireland FAB, Europe’s North Atlantic Gateway, is a true partnership between the ANSPs, airlines, military and staff, supported by the coordinated work of the Irish and UK National Supervisory Authorities and the Governments of the UK and Ireland. This video provides an overview of the FAB, outlining some of the major projects that are currently in progress or complete, including around Extended Arrivals Management, Dynamic Sectorisation and the Borealis Alliance Free Route Airspace programme.View video

UK/Ireland FAB completes trial of SESAR concept of cross-border dynamic sectorisation

A state of the art air traffic control simulator and training facility has been successfully installed by NATS at Stansted Airport. The new 3D aerodrome simulator offers air traffic controllers the chance to practise their skills and train for unusual circumstances or emergencies in the safety of a realistic, but simulated environment.More…

New simulator training facilities at Stansted

The UK-Ireland Functional Airspace Block (FAB) has successfully concluded a trial of the SESAR concept of dynamic sectorisation – the tactical switching of air traffic services between providers, proving a key concept for the next generation of air traffic management and marking a significant milestone on the journey to establishing a Single European Sky. More…

NATS contracted to assess safety culture

NATS has been contracted to work with EUROCONTROL to help assess safety culture at a FAB level across Europe. Led by the company’s Human Factors department, whose objective is to maximise safe human performance, the work will contribute to the safety of future operations as the aviation industry enters a period of growth, change and development. More…

I hope you continue to find this to be a useful update. We’ll shortly be publishing our annual customer report – this reviews the feedback from our customers, summarises our performance over the past year and looks forward to our plans for the future. Meanwhile, a team from NATS will be exhibiting at World ATM Congress in Madrid in early March – if you’re attending we’d love to see you on our stand.

Kind regards,

Martin Rolfe
Chief Executive Officer


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