October sees range of customer consultation

We have the technology, vision and people to help you move things on with the support of local communities.From the strategic Service and Investment Plan consultation on NATS’ long term investment programme to the Flight Efficiency Partnership which brings together airlines, ATC and flight planning system providers to identify opportunities for fuel savings, NATS has been busy consulting with our airline customers in October.

The NERL Service and Investment Plan (SIP) is published on an annual basis for consultation; it sets out the safety and service objectives and the investment plan strategy and explains progress on the investment programme, the rationale for any changes made and presents business cases on major specific projects. The draft SIP for 2015 was published at the start of October; this was followed by the a review with customers, giving an opportunity to walk through the plan and ask questions. NATS encourages comments from all airline customers on the plan  and the consultation runs until 30 November 2014. The final version of the Service & Investment Plan is issued in March following customer consultation and CAA approval.

October also saw the Flight Efficiency Partnership (FEP) and Operational Partnership Agreement (OPA) forums taking place. The OPA proactively works towards delivering operational improvements and collaboratively agrees a set of priorities for the forthcoming year; the FEP focuses on agreeing shorter term improvements that can be made to vertical and lateral route profiles in and around UK airspace. The FEP includes representatives from over 15 different airlines, NATS ATC and Flight Planning System Providers. Over 200 changes have been implemented through this joint work over the past 5 years delivering just over 100,000T of fuel savings per annum, and this year alone a further 12,000T of fuel savings have been enabled.


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