Sept 2014


September 2014


Dear Customer,

As you know, NATS is committed to an ambitious plan including redesign of the most complex parts of the UK airspace making best use of your aircraft capabilities and improving our efficiency and our service to you. Below are some headlines on latest developments. You can click on any of them to find out more and of course, I would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to discuss these or any other developments.

The future of air traffic control comes first to Bristol Airport

New arrival routes have been introduced for Bristol Airport that use the latest satellite technology to cut airline fuel costs, enhance safety and bring quieter approaches to communities under the flight path. More…

Improving conditional route usage

When conditional routes (CDRs) are available, they reduce track miles, flying time and fuel burn for airlines. NATS is working with the military, airlines, flight planning service providers and other air navigation service providers to increase the number of flights making use of CDRs. More…

World record for NATS controllers at Gatwick Airport

Air traffic controllers at Gatwick Airport handled a total of 906 movements on 29 August, breaking their own world record for air traffic movements in a day from a single runway. More…

First Phase of Dynamic Sectorisation Operational Trial successfully completed

The Dynamic Sectorisation Operational Trial (DSOT), the first such trial in Europe to take place in high intensity airspace, is being undertaken by NATS and our FAB partner the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). More…

NATS and Indra will deploy iTEC System at Prestwick Centre upper airspace

NATS has commissioned Indra to support the deployment of the iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) System in Prestwick Centre Upper Airspace. The project will enable SESAR’s trajectory-based concept of operation to be introduced in the UK. More…

NATS wins military contract at Wattisham Flying Station

NATS has been awarded its first contract for a military helicopter based operation at Wattisham. NATS is to provide ATM and engineering services at the base. More…

NATO comes to NATS at Cardiff Airport

Preparations undertaken by the NATS team at Cardiff Airport were key to ensuring the safety and security of visitors to the recent NATO Conference. More…

I hope you continue to find this useful and I would very much appreciate your feedback. I’ll send you a similar update in a month’s time.

Very Best Wishes,


Richard Deakin
Chief Executive Officer


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