Infringement Prevention Award

We want to recognise the huge efforts that many flying schools and clubs go to avoid airspace infringements.

That’s why we have introduced the Infringement Prevention Award.

It is open to any flying club, association, school or group that has made a special effort to prevent and mitigate the risk of infringements as well as to educate and support those pilots that do.

There isn’t a set criteria, but below are four key objectives, each with suggested actions, where we feel the General Aviation community can make a real contribution.

So if you think your school or club has taken robust actions to address the infringement issue, tell us how by emailing

Infringement Prevention

  • New hirers to undertake a navigational exercise with an instructor to include Air Traffic Control liaison.
  • Pilots to undertake a flight with an instructor if they have not flown for a period stipulated within a managed currency regime.
  • Pilots to be briefed/aware of SkyDemon Light.
  • Pilots to be briefed/aware of the benefits of using the AWARE device (or other similar airspace warning device).

Mitigation of the risk associated with an infringement

  • Ensure that all pilots are aware of the transponder operation with particular emphasis on the safety benefits of Mode C (ALT) selection.
  • Ensure that all pilots are aware of the benefits of talking to Air Traffic Control if routeing close to Controlled Airspace.
  • Encourage all pilots to call ATC/D&D (121.5Mhz) immediately they are in any doubt regarding their position.
  • Encourage the use of the Listening Squawks.

Infringement investigation and pilot follow-up

  • Pilots expected to inform the CFI/FI of an airspace infringement as soon as practicable.
  • NATS to be advised when a pilot reports an infringement event that occurred within airspace controlled by NATS.
  • Pilot de-brief to be undertaken as soon as possible by an appropriate member of Flying School/club.
  • Identification of any remedial action required to prevent a recurrence.

Dissemination of lesson learning material following an infringement event.

  • Feedback to NATS by the completion of the infringement questionnaire. The questionnaire will be shared with the CAA as per current procedure.

Lesson learning material to be shared with other members of the flying school.


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