Pilot information to go online only from 2013

18 December 2012

From the start of the 2013 flying season, Frequency Reference Cards will be available to pilots exclusively as a digital download.

The downloadable cards are replacing the traditional hard copy versions which are being withdrawn. It is hoped the move will ensure pilots always have access to the latest and most accurate information.

Frequency Reference Cards supplement the radio frequency information included on Visual Flight Rules (VFR) charts, but that information tends to change over the course of the year. Usually this requires pilots to be aware of any updates and to manually annotate the card.

The introduction of a regularly updated and downloadable version in March 2013 will remove that requirement, while also allowing pilots to access the information from a mobile device or tablet computer.

Jo Suter, VFR Chart Editor from NATS AIS, said: “We’re making this change to help make sure the General Aviation community always has access to the best available information. In practice the hard copy Frequency Reference Cards are out of date soon after they are published, so making them available for pilots to download, view and print on demand is a much more flexible option.

“It will also allow us to update the cards more regularly so pilots can have the peace of mind that the information is the most current.”

While users will need to register, the downloadable cards will be offered free of charge from the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) website – alongside VFR chart updates and newsfeeds.

For further information visit the AIS website at www.ais.org.uk.


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