NATS winning more business in US

NATS Inc. working in Washington DC

NATS opened its US office in October 2011, providing first hand ATM operational expertise to support key FAA bids.

Our latest success is as a member of the winning team for the DCIS contract. The $331 million project will allow air traffic service data to be transmitted directly to pilots via an aircraft’s on-board avionics. This award follows our success earlier in 2012 as a part of the team that won the FAA’s ETASS contract, providing support services for NextGen’s En Route ATC modernisation.

Based in Washington DC, we are able to share our expertise as a leading air navigation service provider with American companies and government agencies. We aim to transfer our knowledge and skills into our US business and build a presence for the long term.

NATS offers US aviation businesses expert support in a range of services:

  • Strategic Planning – stakeholder engagement, resource and investment
  • Transition Management – taking critical ATM infrastructure into operation
  • Safety Management – developing and implementing a proactive culture
  • Network Optimization – airspace, airport capacity and business efficiency
  • Systems Engineering – systems integration and operational acceptance

Around the world, we work with government agencies and private companies to enhance the performance, safety and resilience of their airfield and airspace operations. By using innovative technology and services, we are able to modernise our customers’ airspace. This helps them meet expanding demand while also reducing the environmental impact, an increasingly important issue in today’s market.

In Europe, we are a key influencer in the development of Single European Sky and SESAR, which together aim to achieve performance and environmental efficiencies. Our experience in both SESAR and NextGen will help our partners achieve a better understanding of global ATM interoperability.

With NATS, our partners can rely on the depth of our expertise managing complex air traffic challenges. We offer US-based consulting, services and solutions drawn from lessons learned from decades of experience managing some of the busiest, most complex airspace in the world safely and efficiently.


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