+Updated+ severe weather forecast

27 October 2013

+UPDATE 11:00 28 October+

The weather situation is steadily improving across Southern England and operations are beginning to return to normal. NATS has been working very closely with our airport and airline customers to keep passengers moving and delays to a minimum.

During the peak of the disruption at Heathrow this morning, aircraft holding was kept to an average of 14 minutes.

However, there is still a chance of further delays throughout the day, so passengers should keep checking with their airline for the latest information.

+Original statement 18:00 27 October+

The Met Office is currently forecasting heavy rain and high winds for much of England and Wales during the morning of 28 October. The severe weather is likely to result in disruption to flights, including delays and some cancellations.

The safety of the travelling public is always our top priority and NATS, together with our airline and airport customers, is continuously monitoring the situation.

Any passengers due to fly on Monday should contact their airline for the latest information before travelling to the airport.


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