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10 May 2012

Keeping our customers in the commercial and general aviation (GA) world fully updated of how the airspace over London and the South East will be structured and managed during the Olympics period is a key part of NATS’ work in the run up to the Games.

While much of the discussions involve the various bodies involved such as the Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defence, NATS is taking a lead in telling people what is going on and helping them plan for the summer.

Here’s a round up of what’s happened so far, and what’s coming up:

  • All airfields within the Restricted Zone have been visited and briefed on the impact on them of the Games.
  • All airspace users have had the chance to attend a series of briefings which explained what would take place in the summer and to offer support and advice so that General Aviation can continue to fly between July 14 and August 15.
  • A Pilot Briefing Event at the Royal Geographic Society featured presentations and a Q&A session so pilots could get the latest information from the CAA, NATS and the MOD.
  • The CAA website currently offers free downloads of charts as well as presentations to all the GA community with clear instructions and details of the Olympic airspace.
  • Steve Patterson attended the International Operators Conference in San Diego in March. There he advise the operators of the airspace changes and gave a presentation covering the changes to the airspace, and the route structure to accommodate the predicted increases in traffic.

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