Swanwick technical failure UPDATE 12:30

14 December 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) did not warn NATS about “potential for flights turmoil” as claimed by some reporters.

The CAA Board minutes from early 2014 stated that NATS initial report into the events of the 7th December 2013 lacked detail and clarity. NATS duly provided a further more extensive and detailed report. In August, the CAA stated they were now satisfied that there were no safety issues associated with NATS’ handling of the 2013 incident and the CAA confirmed that NATS investigations provided a detailed assessment of the event and adequacy of contingency and resilience plans.

NATS back-up plans and procedures worked on Friday exactly as they were designed to and the NATS system was back up and running 45 minutes after the event failure.

For the latest statement from the CAA, please click here.


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