Update available for iPad AWARE app

04 September 2012
iPhone AWARE screen

iPhone AWARE screen

An update to Airbox’s popular AWARE airspace awareness tool for iPad and iPhone is now available to download.

The new version now comes bundled with the latest CAA VFR (Visual Flight Rules) charts as standard, removing the need for users to sign-up for a separate subscription. Versions of the app with charts for Scotland, southern, and northern England are available, as well as single edition that includes all three at an unprecedented low cost.

The updated AWARE app continues to make excellent use of the iPad and iPhone functionality, giving real-time moving map information to help pilots retain their positional awareness and avoid infringing controlled airspace.  The VFR database that generates airspace alerts is updated automatically and for free every month, ensuring alerts are always current.

The app offers smooth map scrolling, high resolution anti-aliased CAA charting and an incredibly simple user interface. The inclusion of multi-airspace alerts means pilots can anticipate multiple complex airspace configurations in good time.

The AWARE app is a collaboration between Airbox and NATS and holds the compliance mark for Airspace Awareness. This indicates that the product meets NATS’ criteria for airspace awareness and infringement prevention.

David Harrison

David Harrison

David Harrison, Director of Safety at NATS, said: “This update builds upon the success of the original app whilst making it even more convenient and easy to use.

We hope the changes will encourage even more General Aviation pilots to use the app, helping to further reduce the risk of airspace infringements.”

The app is available for download from the Apple App store. The regional versions cost £24.99 whilst the edition covering all three regions costs £59.99.

For more information visit: www.airspaceaware.com


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