Aircraft downlinked trajectory data


We currently have limited access to real-time data from aircraft while they’re airborne. This concept is looking at ways to receive and utilise significant volumes of trajectory-related data such as an aircraft’s current mass, speed profile, top of climb and top of descent, whilst they’re airborne.


The more data we can receive from an aircraft whilst in flight the better our understanding will be of its own anticipated trajectory. If we can receive this data, we can use it to deliver improvements in trajectory prediction, improving environmental performance and making better use of existing capacity.


Prototypes of systems are currently being used. Certified equipment for revenue flights are expected during 2018 to allow for further research.


Current partners include Airbus, Thales, Indra, Skyguide and Eurocontrol.

Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Environment

  • Fuel-savings

Project Maturity: Validation and simulation

Project Tags: Controller tools, Future comms and surveillance, SESAR, Using real-time data