Use of Arrival and Departure Demand to Optimise Traffic Flows


This project is exploring how enhanced predictions of traffic demand from Arrival and Departure Management systems can be used to identify and simplify complex interacting traffic flows in the Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA). Automated support tools will be designed to provide the assistance required for controllers to manage these interactions.


This project aims to provide more consistent and manageable delivery of arrivals and departures through traffic hotspots. By improved assessment of departure and arrival flows, various means can be used to match capacity to predicted demand and this helps to optimise TMA throughput.


Validation is expected to finish in 2018



Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Cost-savings

  • Environment

  • Punctuality

  • Safety

Project Maturity: Validation

Project Tags: Controller tools, Intelligent airspace, SESAR, Using real-time data