Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace


There are two main elements to this project: ongoing work to develop Flexible Use of Airspace by introducing non geographically-fixed danger areas and work to enable the dynamic design and adaptation of ‘sectors’ to suit ‘current’ and forecast traffic flows, allowing more efficient resource allocation.


Permanently closing areas of airspace due to the fact that they are, at times, required for military activities may unnecessarily prevent use of airspace that could at other times deliver fuel efficiencies and time savings to civil airspace users. By improving coordination between civil and military airspace users and better planning, we hope to reduce the requirement to route around restricted areas, thereby saving civil aircraft track mileage without impeding military effectiveness. The second part of the project – the ability to dynamically sectorise airspace and move sector boundaries dependent on traffic flows – should allow us to make better use of resources, in turn making the most of capacity and improving resilience.


Implementation is expected in 2018.


Eurocontrol and other international partners within SESAR.

Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Cost-savings

  • Environment

  • Fuel-savings

Project Maturity: Validation and simulation

Project Tags: Intelligent airspace, SESAR