Algorithm Development


We are developing advanced Trajectory Prediction and Conflict Detection algorithms which underpin the controller tools for En-Route and Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA) operations. This project is developing the techniques needed to model aircraft flight profiles in TMA airspace, such as SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures), STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) and holding patterns. It is also examining methods to increase the accuracy of predictions including the use of down-linked aircraft data.


The advanced algorithm development supports the introduction of controller tools into TMA operations providing all-round benefits to safety and capacity, reduced ATC workload, fuel savings and CO2 reductions.


This work is continuous. As new concepts are developed the algorithms are developed to support the new tools and systems.


The work on development of algorithms is being undertaken solely by NATS.

Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Cost-savings

  • Environment

  • Safety

Project Maturity: Various. Algorithms are developed for each concept under study and will reflect the maturity of the concept under study.

Project Tags: Controller tools