Approach Procedure with Vertical Guidance


The project looked at a new type of navigation approach procedure, which would assist aircraft in landing at airfields that are not Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) equipped. The project developed Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approach procedures to provide optimised lateral paths connected to a vertically guided Final Approach Segment. These accurate approaches use Global Navigation Surveillance System (GNSS) enhanced by a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) to provide vertical and horizontal guidance to the aircraft when landing. This enables an RNP approach to be flown in conditions similar to those of a basic ILS.


ILS provide pilots with vertical and horizontal guidance when landing. However, many airfields do not have an ILS – an expensive piece of ground-based infrastructure. The procedures assessed within this project enable ILS ‘look-a-like’ approaches to be flown without the need for ground based infrastructure at the airfield, or can provide resilience to an airfield if their ILS is unavailable.


The project completed in 2015 with live flight trials at Turin. The project validation results have been packaged as a SESAR solution, and have already supported implementation at Bristol Airport.


SESAR project with Airbus, Alenia, ENAIRE, ENAV, Eurocontrol , NORACON (Avinor) and Thales.

Project Benefits:

  • Cost-savings

  • Environment

  • Safety

Project Maturity: Deployment

Project Tags: Intelligent approach, SESAR