Cooperative Departure Management Planning


The project looks at manipulating departures by changing departure orders or absorbing delay on the ground to allow increased throughput across the Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA). The project is developing a tool that identifies airspace usage and allows areas of forecast low demand to be better exploited.


TMAs are generally very busy areas of airspace, particular in areas such as the South East of England. This project is exploring how, by looking at all areas of the TMA together rather than in isolation, we can maximise overall throughput – making the most of limited capacity and reducing delays.


Initial validation exercise in December 2015, with further validation exercises planned for May 2016. Work will continue as part of the SESAR 2020 programme.


It is a collaborative project with DFS developing the complimentary arrivals element of the concept.

Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Cost-savings

  • Punctuality

Project Maturity: Validation and simulation

Project Tags: Controller tools, SESAR, Using real-time data