Project CLAIRE


Project Claire is a cutting edge project demonstrating the operation of a large RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) within a Controlled Airspace environment. In this case a Thales Watchkeeper was used. The trials will be performed in a non-segregated and mixed-traffic environment. So far the project has demonstrated the ATM procedures and processes to be applied to enable RPAS operations within different classes of airspace and flight modes.


The use of RPAS is growing rapidly and offers significant potential economic, social and security benefits. However, there are barriers to overcome in order to realise this potential, particularly around safely integrating RPAS use of airspace with other airspace users. We want to explore how this might be achieved.


The project has already performed a range of real-time simulations and the operation of an RPAS in non-segregated controlled airspace was demonstrated in September 2015.


Thales and NLR.

Project Benefits:

  • Safety

Project Maturity: Validation and simulation

Project Tags: RPAS (Drones), SESAR