Separation Task in En-Route Trajectory Based Environment


This project is validating conflict detection and resolution tools for the Planning Controller in the future trajectory-based en-route environment. It builds upon a previous set of work completed by NATS under the SESAR programme, namely the iMulti Sector Planner (iMSP) simulation in 2012.


As we receive more and more data from aircraft, providing us with greater insight on their current and predicted trajectory, we need tools that harness that data and support the planning controller to make informed decisions that will safely make best use of the airspace available. Having the right tools will help the Planning Controller to increase safety at the same time as increasing capacity and reducing controller workloads.


Aiming to move onto a live demonstration in 2016.


DFS, DSNA, Indra.

Project Benefits:

  • Capacity

  • Cost-savings

  • Safety

Project Maturity: Validation and simulation

Project Tags: Controller tools, SESAR