What is NATS code of practice for managing our customer relationships?

NERL Licence

NERL has been granted a licence to provide en-route ATC services by the CAA. The CAA in the form of the ERG (Economic Regulation Group) is responsible for the day-to-day management of NERL Licence, with regular co-ordination with DAP/SRG.
Customers should be aware of the following conditions specifically set out within the licence to protect and underpin the relationship.

Condition 10

Ensuring that customers are provided with sufficient information about NATS’ Service and Investment Plans (SIP) including airspace development and system developments to enable them to engage in effective consultation. This is achieved through annual consultation on the overall SIP & specific consultation on specific investment proposals.

Condition 11

Sets out the revision and submission of NATS Statement 2011 on service performance and standards including the composition of the monthly performance report, founded on formal consultation process and discussion with the CAA.

Condition 16

A Code of Practice has been published setting out the methods and procedures for consulting customers on its current & future provision of air traffic services & for handling customer complaints concerning the provision of air traffic services. This has been updated effective December 2014 following consultation with customers.

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