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Reduced Lateral Separation Minima within the North Atlantic

Reduced Lateral Separation (RLat) will allow aircraft to be separated laterally by a minimum of 25 Nm, improving the efficiency of North Atlantic operations.

In practice, flights will be separated by ½ degree of latitude rather than the 1 degree currently applied between suitably equipped aircraft.

The first phase of RLat within Shanwick/Gander airspace is planned to commence on 12th Nov 2015. This will trial the introduction of a single uni-directional track between the core OTS tracks.

The ICAO North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NAT SPG) has advised that it expects that Phase 2 of the trial, which will see reduced lateral separation be expanded across all organised tracks, to take place “within around a year” of Phase 1 introduction.

The final phase which would see the expansion of the trial across the entire Shanwick / Gander airspace will follow in the future.

DOWNLOAD: Right click on this video file link, and save to your computer.


Crew Procedures & Briefing

NATS has produced an airline briefing video and handout to cover the introduction of RLat for both crew and flight planning

If you have any questions on RLat please contact customeraffairs@nats.co.uk

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