Responding to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on air travel the world over, with traffic and passenger figures reducing to pre-2000 numbers in many regions. The effective rebuilding of air travel, supported by efficient air traffic control and management is something NATS is well experienced at. We are working with our partners and customers in the UK and internationally to help them meet this enormous challenge.

Whilst there is no doubt the pandemic has hit the industry hard there is an emerging path to recovery, driving airports and airlines to consider how best to service this different level of demand.  This will bring significant challenges with regards to efficiency and costs. Airports are having to balance their reopening with the evolving requirements around preventing further outbreaks, which needs careful planning to understand the right level of assets and resources needed.

How we can support airport recovery

It will be crucial for everyone to service demand as it slowly returns, in a safe, and efficient way.  NATS has a consistent track record in supporting aviation through tough times, and our post-COVID solutions are focused on helping airports make cost effective data driven decisions.

We understand how important this is right now, especially for operations with reduced staff or a limited number of assets such as stands, terminals and runways.  We believe it’s important for the recovery phase to keep a strong focus on performance to gain the most from what is available.

Our post COVID solutions have been developed to provide informed and positive decisions on reopening and recovery, re-establishing cashflow and to ensure the resilience of the available assets.

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The global impact of COVID on aviation

Pre COVID-19, a typical day saw around 102,000 flights operating around the world. At the height of the pandemic that dropped by over 50%, with the lowest recorded day for flights being 12 April which saw a historical low of 46,294.

We made the following short videos, simply for illustrative purposes, to  help demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on air traffic from different regions around the world. The videos compare real air traffic on 12 April 2019 and 2020. All times shown are in UTC.

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