Demand Capacity Balancer

The power of predictability when every day is different

The solution

Designed for airport performance

Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) is a predictive decision-making tool developed by NATS and Frequentis Orthogon.

It extends an airport’s operation planning horizon by accurately forecasting demand, capacity, and performance metrics from the day of operations and up to six months in advance, allowing airports to anticipate demand and mitigate disruption ahead of time.

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Features and benefits

Demand Capacity Balancer's unique capability means it can calculate Target Time of Arrival (TTA). This complements existing Air Traffic Flow Management systems by collaborating with other locally-regulated airports to agree arrival sequencing, which has been proven to significantly reduce delays.  With this powerful functionality, Demand Capacity Balancer delivers the following benefits:


Enables rapid simulation of multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios so users can plan based on operational outcomes (e.g. punctuality), and data (e.g. arrival times)

Decision making

Provides the ability to distribute the collaboratively agreed plan across airport systems, reducing queues and improving passenger experience

Passenger experience

Provides the ability to distribute the collaboratively agreed plan across airport systems, reducing queues and improving passenger experience


Target Time of Arrival (TTA) capability makes best use of capacity to improve punctuality, reduce operating costs for airlines and reduce airborne delays


Increased predictability allows airports to pre-emptively mitigate ground and airborne delays and therefore decrease CO2 emissions

Demand Capacity Balancer - Forecasting for performance


Since 1987, Orthogon has led advancements in air traffic synchronisation, demand capacity management, and visualisation solutions for the air traffic management (ATM) and airport industries.

Orthogon software enables flexible resource utilisation, reduces workload and manages air traffic streams safely, environmentally friendly and efficiently.

The company forms part of the Frequentis Group, a global leader in the provision of communication and information solutions to safety-critical industries.

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Planning for the expected and unexpected

Throughout the history of commercial aviation, disruptions caused by special events and unforeseen circumstances have been an inevitable part of the air transportation system.

To aid ANSPs in preparing for such special events and disruptions, this document brings together case studies examining how ANSPs planned for and managed several types of special events, including the use of DCB during the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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