Equipment Training

Including VCCS, DVOR and DME equipment


Whilst it is important for engineers to have a solid and relevant technical background, ultimately their role is to work with equipment. They need to do so safely, accurately, and consistently to support the ongoing operation of the associated services.

NATS offers an extensive and growing range of courses that provide engineers with the hands-on time they need to gain confidence in working with specific equipment. These cover all the necessary hardware and software content required to demonstrate equipment capability in support of the wider ATSEP qualification. Our courses offer unparalleled access to hands-on training using real ATC equipment, located either at our UK Training Centre in Whiteley or NATS Radio Navigational Aids Centre at Highfield Park, near Reading.

Engineering trainers at NATS are TAP Certified professionals with the specialist system knowledge, skills, and understanding required to take apprentice-level students all the way to high performance specialist engineers. Browse our growing collection of System and Equipment courses below.


We deliver the following equipment training courses:

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