For c.50 years, NATS’ Technical Training team have been delivering engineering and skills training to the highest standards in line with best industry practice. As online technologies have evolved, we have embraced the opportunities afforded by remote learning, enabling customers around the world to benefit from this expertise from their own working environment.

NATS has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of the ATSEP scheme to ensure that our courses exceed the required objectives and are kept up to date with the latest industry changes.

The ATSEP Basic course provides a technical introduction to all aspects of Air Traffic Management, including Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) and the fundamental knowledge required by all prospective ATSEPs.


Your journey to becoming ATSEP-qualified starts with the basic course, which consists of 12 modules designed to impart domain-related knowledge and skills appropriate to the qualification stream to be pursued.

The technical aspects of ATM are wide-ranging, and even people with many years’ experience will benefit from our comprehensive course. Through collaborative Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT) exercises, you will learn both from our knowledgeable trainers and from the other students, and regular knowledge checks using online quiz tools will keep you engaged and learning whether you are attending in person or remotely.


ATSEP Basic course objectives:

  • Describe the Air Traffic Management (ATM) work environment
  • Describe the role of Air Traffic Control in the ATM environment
  • Define the organisation of Aeronautical Information Systems
  • State the impact of meteorology on aircraft and Air Traffic Services operations and explain the importance of meteorological information in ATM
  • Explain the principles used in Voice & Data Communications
  • Explain the basic principles of navigation aids and describe their use in ATM
  • Explain the principles used in Primary Radar, Secondary Radar, and other Surveillance systems, and describe their use in ATM operations
  • Explain the principles used in data processing and describe their use in ATM operations
  • Define the System Management Control (SMC) function and describe its basic principles
  • Describe general maintenance strategy and procedures
  • Describe Facilities Management and define the level of performance required



  • 7 days for classroom training


  • 8 days for remote delivery


Courses are scheduled regularly at NATS Training Centre, Whiteley, UK or can be delivered remotely.

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