At a time of increasing complexity of the air traffic system, it is important to minimise the risk arising from technical and engineered systems, and to ensure their correct functioning. The term “Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel” (ATSEP) has been developed to describe those technical specialists working to support the technical ATM services.

NATS has been at the forefront of the development of the ATSEP scheme and now offers the same high level training used to train our own in-house staff either by individual courses or as part of a full programme of Basic and Qualification courses.


This course is divided into 5 modules:

Transmission paths

This examines the various types of communication lines and their applications within the industry today. The student will be given the opportunity to calculate line parameters to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Voice Communications, Air-Ground

This explores the communications chain from Aircraft to controller. Using industry standard voice switches and radio equipment, the student will be able to interact with these systems to fully understand their role in Air Ground communications and the implications for a safe and reliable service.

Voice Communications, Ground-Ground

This module investigates the systems and protocols used with the ATM telephone network. Students will develop an appreciation of the effects of failures and the mitigation in place to ensure continuity of service.


Here we discover the importance, and the legal requirements, of voice recording within the communications infrastructure.

Functional Safety

This module discusses the role of the ATSEP within safety management and the consequence of system failures on air traffic safety.


ATSEP Basic training or equivalent proven knowledge and experience.


Five days.


Courses are scheduled regularly at NATS Training Centre, Whiteley, UK or can be delivered remotely.

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