NATS has one of the most respected and experienced Human Factors teams in the world, comprising fully trained psychologists and engineers who are constantly researching new ways to ensure optimum safety and efficiency in human performance using technology and training. This expertise is the foundation of this Qualification course.

The ATSEP Shared course provides engineers with the safety-critical knowledge and behaviours required to support and maintain Operational Air Traffic Services.


ATSEP Shared is an essential part of your journey to becoming an ATSEP. NATS expects only the best attitudes and behaviours from its engineers and has robust and proven mechanisms in place to ensure safety is at the forefront of everything that it does. This course provides you with the same world-class training that all NATS’ own engineers must complete.

The ATSEP Shared course can be delivered as instructor-led training either in the classroom or remotely. Either method will see you engaging with your trainer and fellow students to share experiences, work through case studies, and develop the behavioural skills essential to the safe management of air traffic.


ATSEP Shared consists of 5 modules:

  • Safety Management.. This module explains the underlying requirement for all form of safety management within the ATM environment.
  • Health and Safety Management. This module explores the potential hazards that the people in your organisation may encounter in the ATM environment and the processes and procedures required to maintain their well-being.
  • Human Factors. This module draws on our many decades of experience to highlight the impact that human behaviour, with all its abilities and limitations, has on an effective aviation safety system.
  • Functional Safety. This module describes the implications of functional failures in terms of exposure time, environment, effect on the controller, and effect on the pilot.
  • Information System Security. This module provides an appreciation of Information System Security in an ATM environment.


ATSEP Basic training or equivalent proven knowledge and experience.


Four days


Courses are scheduled regularly at NATS Training Centre, Whiteley, UK or can be delivered remotely.

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