At a time of increasing complexity of the air traffic system, it is important to minimise the risk arising from technical and engineered systems, and to ensure their correct functioning. The term “Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel” (ATSEP) has been developed to describe those technical specialists working to support the technical ATM services.

NATS has been at the forefront of the development of the ATSEP scheme and now offers the same high level training used to train our own in-house staff either by individual courses or as part of a full programme of Basic and Qualification courses.


Delegates learn the theory and principles behind the equipment and processes that monitor and control one of the busiest and yet safest air spaces in the world.

The course consists of four units:

ANS Structure

This unit describes the SMC function within the organisation and the roles and responsibilities of the SMC team and the ATC supervisor. ANSP maintenance policy is discussed including that which applies specifically to SMC. ATM requirements and relevant ANSP administration procedures such as fire, safety, security and access control, are also covered.

ANS System/Equipment

This unit explains the importance of monitoring system performance and how SMC react when failures occur. This unit includes the implication for customers and the actions required to restore the service and the need for excellent internal communication channels.

SMC Tools, Processes and Procedures

This unit covers the ICAO requirements for a safety management system (SMS) and discusses the requirements for a quality system to support it. Other topics include the need for maintenance agreements and a maintenance management system and the role risk analysis plays in decision making.

SMC Technology

This unit describes the principles of control and monitoring systems used in Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Data Processing and Facilities at a macro level.

Optional Practical Unit

There is a one day optional practical unit where you will spend half a day learning about GCAMS (a modern SMC asset) with a small practical element, and half a day in our new Operations Centre at Swanwick visiting System Control, the Equipment Rooms and the Operations Room or Viewing Gallery depending on operational needs on the day. See how a modern ANSP applies SMC in one of the busiest airspaces in the world.


ATSEP Basic training or equivalent proven knowledge and experience.


Five days


Courses are scheduled regularly at NATS Training Centre, Whiteley, UK or can be delivered remotely.

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